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I am Christopher Rudder, a videographer, editor, podcaster, freelance writer, and owner of Rudderless Media in Toronto, Canada.

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Together with my partner Gordana Grubor, we are day trip and road trip experts who, with our team, write high-quality, search-engine-optimized travel articles, itineraries and reviews for our websites, Road Trip Ontario and Rudderless Travel, and other online publications. 

In addition, with everyone turning to video platforms like YouTube and TikTok, I am a skilled videographer and editor who can bring destinations to life.

Plus, as an audio editor (with a sexy voice), you can find me co-hosting the Road Trip Ready Podcast with my co-host and long-time friend Danille Desir Corbett. As well as pulling the engaging interviews and stories out of our Road Trip Ontario and Rudderless Travel videos and shining a light on them with the Highway Highlights Podcast.

Life is a highway. But if you don’t get off it now and then, you’ll miss all the hidden gems—the best parts of the journey.

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We can talk about travel all day, every day...

Why Multi-stop Road Trips?

Sure, all the action, history and culture (in terms of Art Galleries and Museums), nightlife, top restaurants, and more can be found in the cities. Still, all the country’s traditions, stunning nature, customs, gems, origin stories and off-the-beaten-path stories are outside the city limits.

Why Day Trips?

Planning trips can be overwhelming, and whether we’re talking travel over beer and coffee or writing actionable itineraries, taking amazing pictures or producing/editing video/podcast episodes, We’re passionate about helping our friends, family, readers, viewers, and listers discover off the beaten paths, culture, customs, traditions, food and of course beer.

Rudderless Media Has Won 2nd Place for the Best Indigenous Experience In Canada Story Award from the Travel Media Association of Canada!

Episode 2 of our second (newly launched) video podcast, Highway Highlights—Discovering Indigeneity Through Chocolate with Chef Tammy—Raven Rising, placed second in the 2024 Best Indigenous Experience In Canada Story Award.

The Best Indigenous Experience In Canada Story Category is about sharing and celebrating extraordinary, natural, and life-changing Indigenous experiences in Canada. It’s about ensuring that everyone hears and experiences stories from Indigenous communities.

Thank you, Johanna Gatien and Sudbury – Canada’s Resourceful City, for partnering with us. Of course, this video wouldn’t be possible without the awesome Chef Tammy Maki from Raven Rising Global Indigenous Chocolates. Thank you for sharing your amazing story! Miigwech! 

Thank you, Destination Indigenous, for sponsoring the category. Congratulations to the other nominees: Hans Tammemagi, Jessica Lockhart, Kelsey Olsen, and Tim Johnson.

Our Photo: The Power Of Dance — Anemki Wajiw Pow Wow (Thunder Bay) has received an Honourable Mention for the 2024 Best People Photo Award! 

The Best People Photo Category is for photos of people that reflect a travel destination’s culture, life, or society. 

Thank you, Erin Simmons, from  Thunder Bay Tourism, for the opportunity. This is the cover photo for our article Fun Things To Do In Thunder Bay Ontario | A Weekend Of Culture, Nature & Indigenous Experiences.

Also, Thank You, Tourism Ireland, for sponsoring the category! Congrats to the other nominees in this category!


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Britt Kascjack

Writer, Director of Content & SEO

Britt has been a full-time writer and content creator for over six years. She and her husband run the website The Kas Pack, a blog, YouTube channel, and online community dedicated to empowering pet parents to include their pets in their outdoor travel plans, including camping, hiking, canoeing, and more.

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Danielle Desir Corbett

Writer, Road Trip Ready Podcast Co-Host

Danielle is a multi-passionate travel and personal finance writer, 6x author, writer and host of The Thought Card Podcast and co-host of Road Trip Ready Podcast.

Most recently, Danielle authored We Are Financially Savvy Travelers,’

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Maria Rona Beltran

Social Media Strategist

Maria Rona Beltran loved solo backpacking trips, but her travelling style changed when she became a fur mom in 2020. She now favours pet-friendly adventures from cafes to hotels that welcome her furbaby. She shares her pet-friendly travels on her blog Travel and Wellness with Maria.

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Mark Anthony Rudder

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Inspired X Store Manager

Mark is a digital marketer, e-commerce specialist and designer. He owns Mark Anthony Media, a design and digital marketing company and co-founder of the apparel and accessories brand Inspired X.

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