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standard luggage

I’ve owned several bags and backpacks over the years in an attempt to find the perfect bag that allows me to carry everything I need without feeling like I’m carrying everything I own.

The Standard Luggage Carry-on BackPack is my favourite bag for short trips, while the Standard Luggage Daily BackPack is my favourite bag for all my camera gear. 

Ryan Chong, CEO

“Hey Christopher,

The post is fantastic, so thorough and you really highlighted all the key uses of backpack and travel system as a whole. I’m very game for sending you the Daily Backpack to check out as well!”


I was first introduced to prAna at a travel conference in the Finger Lakes. What the representative taught me about the harmful effects that making clothing does on the environment, I was shocked. I knew I wanted to work with them because prAna cares about the environment and sustainably produces its clothing.

Prana: Sustainable & Affordable Fair Trade Clothing For World Travellers

quebec cite

Le Germain Quebec City

Where To Stay In Quebec City – Hotel Le Germain Quebec (Review)

Claudine Deblois, Développement des Affaires chez Hôtel Le Germain Québec et Hôtel Le Germain Charlevoix

A huge thank you for the good words, Rudderless.Travel! Looking forward to welcoming you back.

It expresses the beauties of our charming city.

Enjoy reading!

Le Germain


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